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Hike in the Barranco Azuaje

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Michael Kupfer
  • A) Parking area; Cross the little stream - ok with small rental cars
    A) Parking area; Cross the little stream - ok with small rental cars
    Foto: Michael Kupfer, Community
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Hike in a green valley on the Canary Islands (northern part)

The surroundings of Firgas is all about water. In the narrow, an all year around green valley, in which a spring is gurgeling, relicts of the old laurel growth forest are still intact. The one who has some extra time to spend, finds here a wonderful place for a picknick. ... Later the trail becomes narrower and more jungle like. Within the wild surroundings, after wet winters, some pools will form to cool of hikers feet (translated freely from German text in [1])

Strecke 6,5 km
3:00 h
586 hm
587 hm
536 hm
261 hm

This route leads you on an adventurous hike through a dense forest on the bottom of a gorge. You will enjoy a changing scenery. Sometimes more open, sometimes cave-like dense forest. Sometimes flat along the stream, sometimes up and down. It includes climbs over big boulders and impressive views to the cliffs of the gorge hanging above you.

I hiked this trail end of December, so temperatures were perfectr around 20C, estimated. In the valley part of the hike I didn't meet a soul. The hiking time indicated is with frequent stops for taking pictures, some navigating back after loosing the right trail and faster pace hike heading downhill, back to the trailhead; no longer lunch breaks or so.


Must wear solid hiking boots or at least good sports sneakers. My running shoes were ok, but I whish I had hiking boots due to slippery trail and rocks and frequent water (stream crossings and puddles)
Höchster Punkt
536 m
Tiefster Punkt
261 m
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- slippery narrow trail

- hardly ever marked

- trail often hard to find with misleading dead-end paths ... plan extra time for finding the right trail again

- boulder climbs with ropes (they are already installed)

- narrow valleay sometimes does not allow 4G cellphone signal (pre-load your outdoor map for offline viewing)


Parking at trailhead (266 m)
28.109336, -15.571572
28°06'33.6"N 15°34'17.7"W
28R 443857 3109446


Parking at trailhead


(A) Start out on the trailhead. After some short distance on rough and sometimes slippery cobble stone you find "Fuente Santa", a holy spring, which supplies the Canarians with iron-rich waters. A bit later you find the ruins of the abandoned spa hotel Balneario de Azuaje - it used to have three stories. A bizarre view!

(B) A bit later you arrive at a nice resting spot - ideal for your pick-nick. You continue on into the denser and more slippery jungle. You find many beautiful flora along the gurgling stream and underneath the impressive cliff walls. You'll have to cross the stream a couple of times which is not too hard as there are plenty of big rocks to step on. The forest on the bottom of the gorge keeps changing as you step in and out of the dense forest. Little waterfalls and pools along the way complete the hike. Two times steep and slippery ascent and descents are supported by ropes to hold on to. Nothing serious at all, but simply watch your step and take your time. Nothing for toddlers though!

(C) & (D) Sometimes the trails are really hard to find. Don't wander off over a very swampy patch of the creek, or too far on the dead-end trails into the bamboo forest. Look at a seemingly split of the trail to your right. There you need to climb up almost onto a rock wall. The path to the left is the dead-end (which you have to walk kinda far in order to realize it).

(E) After walking in the open uphill, with great views across the valley, you find one of the few (two) trail signs. Follow the trail leaving to your right going downhill; signs towards Moya.

(F) Another trail split. Stay to your right. Going to the left you'll arrive at an abandoned house and shack - this is when you're sure you went too far. The ruin of the house and surrounding garden setting is very pretty though. The (correct) path to the left leads first down a bit and then continuously uphill. Soon you'll walk past the abandoned Fincas and orchards that you saw from the other side of the valley. 

(G) Easy walk uphill past more Houses. Eventually the trail flattens out and after the top you continue walking on a paved road. Continuously you'll enjoy amazing views into the valley. Beware some of the houses there are guarded with free dogs. Maybe don't leave those hiking poles in the car.

(H) Here you'll have to take a right turn down to the abandoned hotel and the parking lot again. There is a narrow, grown-over path and a wider driveway-like one. Both end up being the same trail which leads you down into the valley. Nice vistas accompany your descent. You'll also see a water-filled pool belonging to the old hotel, occupied by ducks.


alle Hinweise zu Schutzgebieten


Take GC-2 and then GC-350. At dsitance mark 1.8km take the un-maked sharp right-turn just before the bridge onto the gravel road down to the Barranco - don't worry parking opportunity ahead (not neccessary at the road).


Follow the road down and park after a shallow stream crossing to the left. It's manageable with little rental cars, though not optimal.


28.109336, -15.571572
28°06'33.6"N 15°34'17.7"W
28R 443857 3109446
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Buchempfehlungen des Autors

[1] ... brief description of the hike in: Izabella Gawain; "Gran Canaria"; Publisher: Dumont; ISBN: 978-7701-7447-8

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- sturdy boots, map and/or GPS, plenty water

- maybe poles and gaiters

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Tobias Hagen
31.07.2022 · Community
Richtig schöne Tour. Kleiner Abzug für die doch sehr schwierige Wegfindung. Mein Tipp: Immer nur entlang des Bambuswäldchens gehen, niemals durch eines hindurch. Wenn man irgendwann glaubt, nicht mehr weiter zu kommen ist man wohl in die falsche Richtung gelaufen. Immer auf das GPS achten, denn die beiden Stellen, an denen man hoch auf die Felswand muss sind nicht leicht einzusehen. Bei der einen Stelle muss man über so eine Art eingestürzte Felswand nach oben klettern.
mehr zeigen
Gemacht am 08.07.2022
tobias p 
08.04.2022 · Community
Gemacht am 08.04.2022
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6,5 km
3:00 h
586 hm
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Höchster Punkt
536 hm
Tiefster Punkt
261 hm
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